Tour: Day Ten

Monday, June 1, 2009 reviews (Comments): 2
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Well, we finally got out of that miserable hell-town. Kalila did something to the mechanic to make him think it was Monday, and he had the bus ready by the end of the day. Ricky thought it was too late to get on the road, but we were ready to get out of there, so we loaded up and started south.

Once the sun went down, it was a nice drive. I sat and looked out the window for a long time, enjoying how nice and dead everything looks out here in the desert.

Toward morning, we reached Las Cruces. I woke Ricky up so he could tell Calvin where we were going, then I went to bed.

Ricky was able to get us a make-up gig for tonight. It won’t be as good as the Saturday we missed, but it’s better than nothing, and Ricky thinks he can get us a good turnout from the local university. He’s doing something on the computer to let them know about tonight’s gig. He says maybe the news will “go viral,” whatever that means. I just hope it doesn’t mean weird germs in my meals. Some viruses have a funny taste to them.

I’ve heard there are some big caves not too far from here, and they’re full of bats. I suggested a pilgrimage, but Ricky thinks we don’t have time. Humans are so particular about such things. Makes you wonder about their priorities.

reviews (Comments): 2

Anonymous :


I wish I was there with you. It sounds like fun. I'd be drinking beer.


Thomma Lyn :

Awwww, Vic -- I'm sorry Ricky didn't agree with you about the cave pilgrimage. That sounds like it would have been fun. ;)

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