Tour: Day Nine

Sunday, May 31, 2009 reviews (Comments): 1
Still Stranded, New Mexico

Can you believe it? The mechanic won’t work on our bus today! Apparently his god thinks some days are better than others, and Sundays aren’t for working. He’s the only mechanic in this miserable village, and Ricky says even if there were other mechanics, they wouldn’t be working either.

Just look at this place!

Humans are a very strange species. How can they live like this?

Ricky is mad. He says cancelling gigs is bad for our publicity, and what Bo is getting up to with some of the rural livestock is even worse. Vic has taken to hanging around the local cemetery, our werewolf Calvin has been seen going native with a pack of local coyotes, and Nevin just sits around looking at all the dust and sighing a lot. None of us is quite sure what Lazaro has been doing, but there are rumors, and they aren’t pretty.

I’m fed up with this situation. I’ve requested a meeting with my legal counsel to see if there’s a loophole to the “no magic” part of the contract. I know I can’t repair the bus by magic, but can I inspire the human mechanic to get off his butt and fix it? This is an important question and I intend to get an answer before this morning is over.

reviews (Comments): 1

Thomma Lyn :

Okay, Kalila, I'm glad I wasn't drinking my tea when I read that about the livestock, or I would have spewed tea all over my keyboard. *SNORK!!!!* :-D

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