Maelstrom Book Release!

Thursday, April 29, 2010 reviews (Comments): 12
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is both an announcement and a Sunday Scribblings post!

Vic: You've got to be kidding. A book signing?

Ricky: Well, uh...yeah. You know, our book.

Kalila: You mean my book. It's all about me.

Ricky: Actually, I think it's about me.

Kalila: It can't be, Ricky. Why would anyone want to read about a human?

Ricky: (rolls his eyes) Why, indeed? Just tell me if you'll do it.

Kalila: Of course I want to meet my fans.

Bo: I'll be there, too. It's okay if I sign body parts, right?

Ricky: Um, well...

Bo: Never mind, then. Sounds like a waste of time.

Vic: I agree. Unless...(gives Ricky a quizzical look) we could combine this with a blood drive or something. That's doable, right?

Ricky: Sorry. There's a...uh...phlebotomist shortage. Really unfortunate, isn't it?

Lazaro: I want to go. People who read are smart. Smart brains taste good.

Ricky: I was thinking maybe you should stay here and rehearse, Lazaro. Keep an eye on the studio and all that. Wouldn't want anyone sneaking in and stealing your drums or anything.

Lazaro: Never thought of that. Good idea.

Ricky: (looks around) Nevin, are you in? You'll do the book signing, right?

Nevin: Of course, Ricky. Anything to help you and the band.

Ricky: Great, it looks like we've got it all figured out. The event is tentatively scheduled for May 15, but I'll have more details later.

Nevin: (claps hands) Wonderful!

Kalila: Considering that the book is about me, it's about time.

Ricky: Actually, I'm pretty sure it's about me.

Kalila: Impossible.

Ricky: I guess we'll find out, won't we?

It's almost here, folks! Maelstrom is in the final stages of cover design and should be available for purchase on or about May 15, 2010. More information soon!

reviews (Comments): 12

Thomma Lyn :

WHEE!! I'm excited. Can't wait for more info! :-D

oldegg :

Look, I could look after Lazaro's drums, you want this event to be memorable don't you?

Good luck on the 15th!

Short Poems :

Interesting,you have nice page :)
Good luck, have fun writing!
marinela x x

Dee Martin :

OOh ooh ooh! Can't wait!! I'm so happy for you and for us - now we get to read the whole thing :)

Donna Hole :

Oh wow; have I ever been away too long.

Congratulations, this is wonderful news. I can't wait to buy the book.


Stan Ski :

May 15 just happens to be my birthday - books make great presents...
Wishing you all the best too!

Divaa Divine :

woweeeeeee many congratulations :D

wow this sure is an eventful event!
Life's Events

Anonymous :

Congratulations! This is truly an event!! I really enjoyed reading the chapter online.

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