Book Release Announcement!

Monday, May 10, 2010 reviews (Comments): 3
Hey, everyone - Ricky here. That book about us has just been released on Fictionwise, and guess what? It looks like it really is about me. (Sorry, Kalila.)

It's only available in e-format right now, but if that's what you like, click on over and get it. There's a "new book" rebate in effect right now, so it's a bargain!


reviews (Comments): 3

Nara Malone :

I love e-books. I'll have to get a copy. Congrats on the release.

Alice Audrey :

Nice rebate! Will it still be available Monday?

Ann (bunnygirl) :

@Alice: It looks like Fictionwise discounts new titles during the week they're added, ending the discount the following Monday at 10 am Eastern. So depending on how early you're up on Monday morning, yes, the discount would still be available.

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