Tour: Day Two

Sunday, May 24, 2009 reviews (Comments): 1
Roswell, New Mexico

Man, last night in San Angelo was great! We rocked, and so did those sorority girls! I don’t think they get a lot of fresh acts between spring and summer semester because those kids were wild and they kept me pretty busy between sets, as well as after the show.

Vic had some fun too, and I think Lazaro got himself a chemistry major, but it could’ve been mathematics. It was kind of hard to tell based on what was left. Ricky was pissed and Lazaro apologized for not hiding the body better. Ricky kept saying that wasn’t the point, but it was, of course. If Lazaro had done a better job cleaning up after himself, Ricky would’ve never known and we’d all be happy.

We spent the day on the road again, with Ricky on his computer, yelling at me every half hour about my movies. I told him he could join me and I even said we could act out some of my favorite scenes from Pride and Priapism, but he said no. He’s such a prude.

Tonight’s gig is in Roswell. We’re all pretty excited, hoping we’ll meet some space aliens. It’s always fun to meet a new species. I’m hoping the space girls are sexy. An incubus has his priorities.

reviews (Comments): 1

Thomma Lyn :

*snork*, Bo! I hope you meet some hot aliens in Roswell. I can't quit giggling at "Pride and Priapism"!

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