Tour: Day Three

Monday, May 25, 2009 reviews (Comments): 1
Santa Fe, New Mexico

We arrived in Santa Fe several hours ahead of our setup time. Since it was a nice, windy day, giving me lots of energy, I made Ricky take me to see the sights.

For starters, Santa Fe isn’t really that old, only four hundred years. Second, there sure are a lot of churches! It’s a good thing Vic is nocturnal and couldn’t go with us because he would’ve had a meltdown. We saw a church with a labyrinth out front and another that had a spiral staircase supposedly held up by a miracle.

I told Ricky it’s not a miracle and I offered to explain the magic behind it, but he got weird and said some things should remain mysteries. That’s humans for you!

I had a great time shopping on the plaza, especially at the leather and jewelry shops. I felt a little bad for Ricky after awhile, having to carry all those bags while I went from store to store and examined the silver and turquoise jewelry for sale on the plaza, but Calvin wasn’t with us and I sure wasn’t going to carry my own bags.

Finally we went back to the hotel, got everyone together and went to set up at the venue. While we were doing that, Bo disappeared with the manager and came back half an hour later much happier. The manager was happier too and gave us a round of drinks. For some reason, Ricky was annoyed about all this.

The show went great, and we all had a fine time creating our own after-hours party on the plaza.

Ricky got a little nervous when the cops came, but Nevin used his fairy magic to make them happy, and they ended up joining the fun. We danced, sang, and played music until the sun came up over the mountains and the native women arrived with their colorful blankets and hand-made jewelry to sell.

I bought a silver bracelet to remember the night by.

reviews (Comments): 1

Thomma Lyn :

Sounds like you had a great time in Santa Fe, Kalila! And I don't blame you for making Ricky carry your bags. Let the humans do the drudge work. ;)

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