Concert: Come in Character (Finale)

Monday, May 4, 2009 reviews (Comments): 2
Kalila: Hi, everyone! I want to thank all of you for coming to see us this weekend. We hope you had a great time.

Bo: I know I did.

Kalila: Shut up, Sleazy.

Vic: Yeah, I didn't appreciate you monopolizing the Type O girls.

Bo: You know I don't care about their blood type. I see a human I like and what happens, happens.

Lazaro: What should've happened is me eating Shadow's brain because he drank when we said no.

Ricky: (Uh, guys, can we just continue with the announcements?)

Kalila: (You're no fun, Ricky.) Anyway, it was great to see all of you, especially our new friends from Come in Character and our old friends from the bunny benefit in March--

Nevin: Hi, bunnies!

Kalila: (Don't interrupt, Nevin.) We appreciate all the support you've given us, and we hope to see you around more often.

Nevin: Tell them about the tour.

Kalila: Oh, yeah. We're going on tour, May 23 through June 4. Our wonderful manager, Ricky Landon, has set us up so we can blog every day of the tour. We hope you'll sign up to follow our blog or add us to your blog reader in the next two weeks so you can keep up with all our adventures.

Ricky: Which won't be illegal, immoral, or dangerous, right, guys? Kalila? Bo? Where are you going? Vic! Lazaro!

Nevin: I'm still here, Ricky. I'll finish up for them.

Ricky: That's not the point.

Nevin: Are you sure? Thanks for a terrific weekend everyone! We love you!

Ricky: (Let's go, Nevin, before Vic hears you say that.) Folks, this weekend's show will be archived under Reviews, Concerts and Sightings, and there will be further announcements to come about the tour. I also have it under good authority that a book about us has been accepted for publication. I'll have more information about that soon. Have a safe drive home, everyone, and good night!

reviews (Comments): 2

Thomma Lyn :

*~*~*~*WOO HOO*~*~*~* on all levels! Thanks for a great concert, and huge congratulations that the book about you was accepted for publication. YIPPEE! The Ballicai and I are happy dancing for you! :-D

Alice Audrey :

Hey, when you going to post your interview with me?

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