Maelstrom Extra: Werewolf Strike (Part Three)

Thursday, May 7, 2009 reviews (Comments): 6
Ricky sat inside his Lexus, tapping the steering wheel as he considered his situation. Kalila had stuck him with a problem and he was no closer to solving it than he had been two days ago. The werewolves’ first loyalty was to the union. There wasn’t anything malign about it; it was just their nature.

Fighting nature wouldn’t get Ricky anywhere.

Alpha dogs. That was the problem. The head of the union was their pack leader, and if he told them to go on strike….

Ricky had a flash of inspiration. He grabbed his BlackBerry and looked up the union hall for the Local 666. The street was an obscure one and the directions were cryptic, but he had lived in this town all his life. He could find it.

But first, a little detour to the grocery store butcher counter.

Even an alpha dog had his price, and there was going to be a full moon tonight.

reviews (Comments): 6

Andy Sewina :

Yeah, well done, and congrats on the publishing front!

I like the 666 reference here, it sort of goes with the flavor!

ThomG :

Wicked stuff, as always. And I am soooo happy for the publishing gig. You deserve it.

Mojo :

Congratulations on the publishing offer! Excellent piece as usual.

Angel :

Liked the piece, and big congrats on the publishing bit!

Thomma Lyn :

Love it! Ricky is not only a clever band manager, he's a clever werewolf manager -- hey, that makes him a Human Alpha Dog! ;)

Alice Audrey :

Ricky, you're scaring me. If I didn't know you survive to suffer another day I'd think you turned yourself into dinner.

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