Maelstrom Concert: Come in Character!

Saturday, May 2, 2009 reviews (Comments): 10
The show is over and we're sorry you missed it! But you can still check out all the fun we had below, enjoy the music, and sign up to be one of our groupies so you won't miss any future shows.

Here's the outside of the venue, Cabal. Intimidating, isn't it? But it's really nice on the inside and those guys are paid to look scary.

Here's the bar. We told you it was nice, didn't we?

And here's one of Cabal's busy bartenders hard at work.

Everyone had a great time dancing, mingling, and watching the show.

The after-party was at Come in Character, a great place to hang out, no matter what your age, gender, quirks or species.

We're sorry we missed you, but check back often because we're planning lots of fun and mayhem.

reviews (Comments): 10

Thomma Lyn :

The Ballicai and I are here -- wowie, what a cool concert and a rockin' party! YIPPEE!!!!

Anonymous :

Hi Everyone,

This is so cool. I like the music.

Can I have a drink?


The Bunns :

We all dropped in to listen and sort of hop to the beat! Got any pineapple juice and some fresh oats?

Elvis :

Swingin band, sugar.

Thank you very much.

Kalila :

Thanks for coming, Elvis! You're still the King!

Nevin :

And it's great to see you here too, bunnies!

Hef's Mom :

Since its Derby weekend I'll have a Julep and give the Hef here a nice Carrotini.

Ms. Fettleston :

Dear Maelstom,

Oh my goodness. Well, this isn't quite what I expected, dears. My goodness, is that young lady wearing anything at all? Oh my! I do hope her mother is around somewhere. She needs to be taken home and given a strict lesson about ladylike manners.

This music is rather loud, isn't it, dears? But....I do find I rather like it. Oh my. It does have quite a beat, doesn't it. Do you think anyone would mind if I just tapped my foot alittle.....

Well, dears, I am rather enjoying this. Such exuberance!


Ms. Fettleston

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