Welcome to the Bunny Benefit Bash!

Saturday, March 28, 2009 reviews (Comments): 18
The March 2009 Bunny Benefit Bash is now over, but if you missed the party, you can still enjoy the show!

Aren't our bunny rockers great?

The party included this terrific buffet of bunny favorites!

At the end of our weekend-long event, we had a prize giveaway to randomly selected guests and bunny rockers. Read about the awards ceremony here.

You may have missed the party, but you can still buy a t-shirt and read some of the stories about Maelstrom.

Check out the bunny charities we support and make a donation. There are always bunnies in need, and we don't need to have a big party to give them our support!

And in case you're wondering how this all began, here are the stories about how Maelstrom decided to do a bunny charity concert:

Bunnies Rock! (Part One)
Bunnies Rock! (Part Two)
Bunnies Rock! (Part Three)
Bunnies Rock! (Part Four)

We're sorry you missed the party, but we hope you agree...Bunnies Rock!

reviews (Comments): 18

Anonymous :

Nice job guys (and Ann) - great video and great cause.

Thomma Lyn :

The Ballicai and I are here! The video is fabulous. All the Ballicai are rockin' out. They love their bunny friends!

Great job, Ann and Cadbury! This will be a party to remember. :)

susan :

Hi Ann, I had trouble with the chatbox the last time I was here, but I did check out the link and applaud what you're doing. In the late 80s, I gave up meat because how the animals were slaughtered. I'm not opposed to animals being killed for food, but I do object to inhumane treatment. Kudos to you for your efforts.

Anonymous :

Awesome video!! Great job, Ann and Cadbury!! I loved how the bunny photos matched your messages!!

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary :

This is great. Would love your help, too, at the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, the largest rescue in the United States, located in Willis, Mich. Check us out at www.rabbitsanctuary.org. We're always looking for help. This is an awesome partnership. Follow us on twitter at GLrabbits.

Rabbits' Guy :

Oh what a party, what a song, what a show!!!

Thanks for Stanley! I had forgotten his big fame time there!!!

FrecklesandDeb :

YAY for the Maelstrom, Ann, Cadbury, and Rabbit Rescues everywhere for this terrific party!
Freckles and Deb

d. moll, l.ac. :

The part with Han's gets me every time. Who really did the music?

Ann (bunnygirl) :

Diana, I got the music from http://www.shockwave-sound.com, where you can purchase royaltry-free music with different types of licensing for just about any purpose.

And yeah, the bunaerobics bit is worth waiting for. Cracks me up, big time.

The Bunns :

We just hopped back to the party after our morning nap! Things are still hopping! Making another pass down the buffet line ... Bunn Funn! And! ... there are NO cats! Cats are weird ... we only might tolerate Sophia and Puddy .. that's it!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ :

Oh Miss Peach here! What a nice place to come to visit on a rainy weekend!
Happy Hoppy!!

Glenna :

Best party I've been to in a long time. I've got a big bag o' Easter Treats ready to go, so let me know who wins and where to send it (or I can send it to you and you can distribute).

RoadBunner :

What a great idea and great job! Mario will forsake some treats this week and donated something small for other bunnies in need. Binkies and nose bumps!

YowlYY :

Ohh..did we miss the party?
At least there's still plenty of salad :)
Thanks for this, we're sure it was absolutely brilliant! (it still is)

Bunnies rock,

Miss Eve, Neville, Hugo (ATB) and G.

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