Bunny Benefit Bash: The Buffet!

Friday, March 27, 2009 reviews (Comments): 7
Belly right on up to the buffet, folks!

You'll see we have a nice selection of greens for you.

Or you can order a special salad delivered to your table.

Enjoy a refreshing glass of wine...

...or beer.

And nibble a few crackers while you chat with your friends.

We hope you saved room for dessert!

We hope you enjoyed your meal!

reviews (Comments): 7

Thomma Lyn :

*grin*! What a grand, bunniferous feast! Seeing as how I eat lots of food that bunnies like, it suits me to a T.

*munching on a carrot* what's up doc? ;)

Rabbits' Guy :

There was a buffet for all!!! (BL is ecstatic to have her salads featured!)

RoadBunner :

Haha! LOVE this! And there are even Annie's crackers!

Anonymous :

What a great salad buffet! Really wonderful! It made me smile, especially the Craisins. We give our bunny dried tart cherries now to help her with her arthritis and she loves them just as much as Craisins.

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