Bunny Benefit Bash: The Prize Drawing

Sunday, March 29, 2009 reviews (Comments): 7
NOTE: The Bunny Benefit Bash is now officially over, but the party is archived in the sidebar under "Reviews, Concerts and Sightings." If you attended the party and signed the guest book, read on to see if you won a prize.

The Prize Drawing

Ricky: (Go on. You’re supposed to be the front man, so say it.)

Vic: (I’m going to get you for this, Ricky. And the rest of you, too.) Hi, everyone! I just want to take a minute to thank you all for coming out here this weekend. We hope you had a great time helping raise funds for a good cause.

Nevin: The bunnies at Rabbit Rescue of Ontario!

Vic: Uh, right. Even though we got kicked out of Canada. No hard feelings.

Bo: It could’ve happened to anyone.

Kalila: (No, sleazy, it could’ve only happened to you. Now, shut up.)

Vic: We have a few prizes we want to announce. In the Bunny Rocker category, which is only for our performers, we have some rock star picture frames. Nevin, please tell us who the winners are.

Nevin: I got one of the bunnies to draw from a hat. And the winners are Sam, Mario, and Elvis!

Vic: Bunnies, have your humans give us your mailing address, and these will go out in the next few days. Now for the guest prizes. First, we have a selection of bunny-themed treats for humans.

Bo: That would be me!

Kalila: You’re not bunny-themed.

Bo: I’ll wear a costume, if it will turn them on. I’m here to please.

Vic: Actually, the prize is candy, not an incubus bass player. And the winner is…come on, Nevin. Who is it?

Nevin: Lily from Ontario!

Vic: Congratulations, Lily. We’ll put you in touch with the prize donor after we finish up here tonight. The next prize is a Bunny Benefit Bash t-shirt.

Nevin: The winner is Ariel from Michigan!

Vic: Great. Let us know what style and size you want, and where to send it. Next we have two hand-knitted bunnies.

Nevin: They’re from the UK, so they’re extra-special.

Vic: Just tell us who the winners are, please.

Nevin: Amy from San Diego and Beezer from San Francisco!

Vic: Congratulations to our guests from California. And finally, the grand prize is a Moku Hanga woodblock print by the very talented artist, Diana Moll.

Nevin: Wow, this is lovely. I wish I could keep it.

Kalila: Buy your own off her Etsy site. Now go on, announce the winner.

Nevin: The winner is: Carrots from Brighton in the UK!

Vic: Congratulations, Carrots. I’m sure it will look terrific on your human's wall. (Hey, Ricky, that’s what humans usually do with these things, right?)

Ricky: (Yes, Vic. Please continue.)

Vic: And that’s it for the prizes—

Nevin: The best prize is that we raised money for the bunnies!

Vic: Uh, sure.

Kalila: It is, Vic. Give me that microphone, if you’re too cool a vampire to be enthusiastic about this. Hi, everyone! We’re really excited to see how many of you came out here this weekend to support the bunnies and to support us. Rabbits make terrific pets, but they’re not for everyone. They’re a commitment and a responsibility, like any other living creature. I know this because I have a pet of my own, and he’s a lot of trouble.

Ricky: (Kalila, I am not a pet.)

Kalila: More trouble than you can possibly imagine. But having a pet is rewarding too, so if you think a rabbit is what you want, study up on it, like I did with my human.

Ricky: (I’m going to kill you, Kalila.)

Kalila: (Good luck with that. I’m immortal.) Folks, there are organizations in your home town that can teach you about rabbits and help you decide if it’s the right pet for you. Or do some research online. Even if a rabbit in your home isn’t the right choice, you can sponsor one online or donate to one of the many fine organizations that help bunnies. Just remember that all living creatures deserve our support. We all have the same creator and we have to share this planet, so let’s make it a better place for all of us.

Nevin: (Uh, Kalila? You’re forgetting something.)

Kalila: (I am? Oh, yes.) Bunnies Rock!

Ricky: Well, that’s it folks! We have to-go containers if anyone wants to take some leftovers home with them. Be sure to check back here on Thursday, April 2nd, for a re-cap and information about when the Bunny Benefit Bash scrapbook will be online! Good night, everyone. Bunnies Rock!

reviews (Comments): 7

Anonymous :

It was a great video and a great bash! Thanks for having it for the bunnehs!

Anonymous :

How many people signed up? I didn't know about it until Sunday night myself, and I sent it around to at least 10 people but they may not check their email until Monday so it is too late now.

Ann :

There were 101 people who signed the guest book between 12:01 am Saturday when we went live and 10 pm Sunday when we did the prize drawing. The party is archived, so people can still enjoy the video, make a personal donation, or buy a t-shirt. Thanks for your support, and we may do another one later this year. Not for at least a couple months, though. It was a lot of work to make it look easy!

d. moll, l.ac. :

101 visitors!!! Excellent. Next time are there tasks that could be delegated?

Ann :

Good question, d.moll! I'd say the most time-consuming task was selecting pics, footage, and music for the video. Putting it all together wasn't hard once I had everything I needed.

I had some learning curve issues on the video (how to make sure I had the right codecs, how to convert files that needed conversion) but those are things that wouldn't be problematic the next time around.

There also wouldn't be the time-suck of researching and testing guest books and tag boards, and figuring out how to get video uploaded to YouTube (my firewall at home is incompatible, but it gave me fits until I figured out the problem).

Only one person can effectively do the video, but t-shirt design and putting together the buffet and maybe some quizzes or games (which I would've liked to have had) would be easily delegated. If we want to do more of these, we could do it collaboratively and maybe even look into getting sponsors.

Already I'm looking at ways to incorporate this experience into the next two Maelstrom novels. They start supporting charities in the first book in order to get their name out there, but what happens when a band with a vampire and a zombie get known as do-gooders? I have a feeling it's going to be very funny.

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