Maelstrom Extra: Bunnies Rock! (part 4)

Thursday, April 2, 2009 reviews (Comments): 14
Ricky looked around the room. Lazaro was tapping a rhythm on the coffee table with a pair of snare sticks, Bo was flipping through a magazine about nudist cattle ranchers, and Nevin perched on the edge of the sofa, fussing with a bundle on the seat beside him. Kalila sat alone, tapping her foot, her lips pursed in impatience.

“As soon as Vic gets here,” Ricky said, “We can start the meeting.”

“Might as well start it without him,” Kalila said. “He’s lurking around the Red Cross headquarters again, trying to find out when their next big blood drive is.”

“It’s kind of important that you all be here. I want to discuss the Bunny Benefit Bash.”

Nevin looked up. “I think it was wonderful. The bunnies and their owners had a very good time.”

Ricky sighed and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, resigned that he would have to do the recap without the lead singer. “Turnout was good,” he agreed. “Reasons for attendance varied, with some wanting to help Rabbit Rescue and others just there for the party, but as your first-ever dedicated charity event, it came off well. You raised nearly $300 in Canadian dollars, which is pretty good when you consider that a lot of the attendees were rabbits and had no income.”

“We should do more now that we have the knack,” Nevin said.

Lazaro scowled and Bo lowered his magazine as if he would comment, but it was Kalila who spoke first. “Helping rabbits or any other creature is fine, Ricky, but what does it do for us? We have goals of our own, you know.”

Nevin fidgeted and made a nervous gesture. “Fame isn’t everything, Kalila. There are more important things than just us.”

At that moment, the door banged open and Vic strode into the room. “That’s right, Tinkerbell. There’s me, and I’m much more important than you.” He made to throw himself onto the sofa, and Nevin let out a yelp.

“Stop! You’ll crush him!”

Vic stared in wide-eyed horror. “Dammit, Nevin! I said no rabbits!”

“You said no rabbits on the tour bus,” Nevin reminded him. “You said nothing about the studio.”

“I didn’t think I had to.”

Kalila stood up. “That’s enough, Vic. It’s my studio, my tour bus, and my band. If Nevin wants his bunny and he can care for it properly, it can stay.”

“I’ve got one for you, too,” Nevin said.

“You what?” Vic bared his fangs. “This is not acceptable, and I don’t care what the djinn says. It’s ridiculous, inappropriate, and I just…




Aw…he’s cute.” Vic took the chocolate bunny and smiled as he examined its fangs. “Thanks, Nevin. Sometimes you’re okay, you know?”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks everyone for coming to last weekend’s Bunny Benefit Bash. If you missed the party or were waiting for your first of the month paycheck so you could make a donation, the party with video, buffet, and donation information is archived. As we near Easter, please spread the word that a bunny is a big responsibility, not to be undertaken casually. Plush Bunny Adoptables make a good alternative, or you can just Make Mine Chocolate.

This concludes the Bunny Benefit Bash series. Thanks for all your support!

reviews (Comments): 14

susan :

Cute change of pace. Hope your benefit went as well as it did in the story.

Thomma Lyn :

Bwahahahaha! Love the chocolate bunny with fangs. And Nevin's bunny is adorable, too.

What a great job with the benefit and the party! :)

ThomG :

I love the bunny with fangs. That Nevin....

Fez and the Gang :

Wow, you guys raised lots of money! Way to go everyone!

d. moll, :

Well done, a round of chocolate rabbits for the band.

YowlYY :

Applauses to all! I am for chocolate bunnies for everyone, and if you must have some bunny to cuddle just get a knitted bunny (they are allergen free and can be washed in the machine!).

Rabbits' Guy :

Wow - a great show and snappy story ending!

With a pardon to Alabama but ... "If you're gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a Bunny in the band!"

HotMBC aka The Hotties :

Hehe the chocobunny wif fangs must be related to Count Chocula!

We has a mystery tho. We gotted a Bunny Rock T-shirt wif just the note "We loves you Hotties!" for a note. Was that from yall? It's way cool! Fanks to whoever sented it!

Ann :

Hotties, the band sent a shirt to Ariel in Michigan, who won it in a random drawing. Hm. You must have a secret admirer. It's probably Bo.

Anonymous :

Awww Nevin's bunny is so adorable!! Love the chocolate bunny with fangs, too! Well done, $300!!

nicole :
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nicole : the choco bunny with fangs...
and nevins bunny is really cuuute!!

nicole :

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please help!! forward that email and cross post widely.

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