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Thursday, June 4, 2009 reviews (Comments): 1

After yesterday, I hope it’s obvious to everyone why we don’t let Lazaro post.

The El Paso gig was fantastic! Not only did we draw the local crowd, but we had some of our Las Cruces fans follow us over, and we had some from Juarez, too. Just to see us!

We packed the club and the fire marshal had to come out twice! Bo seduced him the first time, and we thought that would be an end to it, but we knew stronger measures were needed when he came around the second time. Ricky says let’s just hope no one finds the body.

After the gig, we went to Juarez and partied until sunrise.

What a crazy place! If they have any laws, we sure weren’t aware of them. Bo, Vic, and Lazaro were like kids in a candy store. I told them afterwards that maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on humans, since it’s obvious that some human societies have more silly rules than others, and some places are actually quite friendly to our lifestyle. They just burped and went to sleep. That’s males for you.

Ricky was very distressed about our foray into Mexico, but I made it up to him when we returned. Maybe when all this is over I’ll send Ricky on a nice vacation someplace. Then again, he’d probably spend all his time just worrying about what we were up to, so it’s probably best we all stick together.

We’ve got a gig tonight and I need to go get ready, but the tour is essentially over. We had a great time, met lots of cool humans and other creatures, saw new places, and sampled new cuisine. It was a lot of fun and I can hardly wait for Ricky to book the next one!

You’ll be doing that soon, Ricky, won’t you?


Damn, where did he go?

reviews (Comments): 1

Thomma Lyn :

Kalila, I think you and the band have worn poor Ricky out! Welcome home. :)

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