Bunny Benefit Bash Donation Guide

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 reviews (Comments): 3
Our benefit proceeds will be going to the following fine organization:

Rabbit Rescue, Inc. (Ontario)
Famous Residents: Fez, Norbert, Abbey

Make a personal donation to Rabbit Rescue

The following non-profits have also been recommended by the bunny blogosphere and could use your help:

  1. Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare
    Founded: 1995
    Scope: Rugby, UK
    Famous Resident: Hugo

  2. Honeybunnies
    Founded: 2005
    Scope: Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, UK
    Famous Residents: Miss Eve and Neville

  3. Rabbit Haven (Gig Harbor, WA)
    Founded: 1986
    Washington State
    Famous Residents: None, but this is in Rabbits Guy's neck of the woods.

  4. Friends of Rabbits of Northern Virginia
    Founded 1997
    Scope: Northern Virginia and Maryland
    Famous Residents: None yet. This is where Fez's biped volunteers!

  5. The Rabbit Haven (Santa Cruz, CA)
    Founded: 1991
    Scope: Santa Cruz, California, and surrounding area
    Famous Residents: Tyler and Sydney

  6. Best Friends Bunny House
    Founded: 1980s
    Scope: USA, primarily the western states
    Famous Residents: None, but check their online newsletter!

  7. Bright Eyes Rabbit Rescue
    Scope: Maryland, Northern Virginia
    Famous Resident: Pink

reviews (Comments): 3

Rabbits' Guy :

Oh a great bunch .. hard to choose .. so many famous bunnies too!

d. moll, l.ac. :

We made our donation, can they track the fact that it came form the MAelstrom Bunny Benefit?

Ann (bunnygirl) :

Diana, good question. I mean, the short answer is yes, but the question is whether they're set up to track that kind of information. I'll try to look into it.

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