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Wednesday, September 8, 2010 reviews (Comments): 5
Crimey over at Crimogenic posted a review of our book today. You can read it here: Book Review

I'm a little unsure what to think, since the book is fiction and I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about the band. It's hard work managing their image and keeping them out of trouble. If too many people say nice things about them, it might go their heads.

Publicity is a good thing, though, which reminds me...I've booked the band for a charitable event in December. They're really looking forward to it, and I'll have more details soon.

Maelstrom Extra: Monster Tour

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 reviews (Comments): 10
This is a Three Word Wednesday offering, so be sure to check out Three Word Wednesday for more fun!

"No," Ricky said. He quit reading a message on his BlackBerry and set it on the coffee table. "It's impossible."

"It's not impossible at all. I'll just conjure--"

"Not that kind of impossible." Ricky motioned for Kalila to sit beside him, but she refused. "What I mean is that using real monsters to promote your Sadistic Monsters album may seem on the surface like a good gimmick, but trust me, it's a bad idea."

Kalila blinked, not understanding. "Why do you have to be so negative? I thought there was no such thing as bad publicity."

Ricky suppressed a sigh. The person who had come up with that saying had obviously never met Kalila and her band of misfit demons. "Venues have rules, you know. Bringing in a bunch of big, hulking, smelly monsters would be in violation of any contract I could get for you."

"So I'll conjure small ones."

"Small monsters?" Ricky raised his eyebrows.

"They come in all sizes, you know."

"I'm sure they do." He gestured toward the spot beside him again, and this time she sat down. "Look, I think it's terrific that you have so many creative ideas about how to promote the band, but you hired me because I understand what appeals to humans, remember?"

"Actually, I hired you because you looked so pathetic. Being broke and unemployed really gets you humans down."

Ricky didn't like the way the conversation was drifting. "So no monsters to promote this album, okay? You guys can do a great job promoting it all by yourselves."

Kalila's eyes lit up. "You think?" She threw her arms around him and Ricky held her close. No way was he going to break it to her now that the band was monstrous enough all on its own.

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Maelstrom Extra: Eye of the Beholder

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 reviews (Comments): 8
This is a Three Word Wednesday offering, so be sure to check out Three Word Wednesday for more fun!

Ricky stood beside the tour bus, watching as the demons bickered and jostled each other over who would get on first. They were all accounted for, and that was what mattered; not the show, which had gone badly, not the audience, which hadn’t enjoyed Maelstrom’s style of music, and not even the gig itself, a charitable event Ricky had agreed to as a favor for a friend.

Vic stalked up to him and bared his fangs. “Don’t you ever book us outdoors again unless the sun is fully down, primate. It was painful. Understand?”

“I’m sorry. I have no control over last-minute schedule changes, but I appreciate that you were a trooper about it.”

With a sniff of contempt, Vic climbed onto the bus. Ricky turned around to find Lazaro glowering at him, his face so close Ricky nearly choked on the drummer’s foul breath.

“Audience was ignorant.”

“I realize that,” Ricky said. “They’re probably more of a country or Christian rock type of crowd.”

“No, I mean stupid. Mushy brains.”

“I guess you would know.”

While Lazaro started up the steps, grumbling about how he hated the taste of mushy brains, Nevin approached. For a moment, Ricky felt hopeful, since the keyboardist could see the good in nearly everything. To his disappointment, Nevin gave a reproachful sigh. “I’m very disappointed.” His gentle voice made the words cut all the more. “It was so terribly disorganized, and our presence wasn’t appreciated.”

Ricky silently agreed. Why had he signed the band up for this? Ego, pure and simple.

Kalila shoved Nevin onto the bus and gave Ricky a withering look. “This was the most inappropriate, mismanaged event you’ve ever booked us at. Do you think I can’t fire you?” She didn’t give him a chance to answer. “You’re getting complacent and forgetting why I hired you. See to it that it doesn’t happen again.”

Ricky watched her climb the stairs. What an idiot he was! And now here was Bo, leering at him in that vulgar way of his. “Okay, let’s hear it from you, too, and get it over with. What did you hate about the gig?”

Bo gave a little shrug. “Nothing.”

“You must mean you liked nothing.”

“No, I mean I hated nothing. It was a fun time.”

“But everyone else said it was awful. Why did you—”

Bo grinned. “How many times have you said you don’t want to hear me talk about sex? Just use your imagination, what little of it there is. This was a fantastic event, and you can book us here every year as far as I’m concerned.”

Ricky stared after him. After everyone else’s criticism, the last thing he had expected was praise, and from Bo, of all people.

Satisfied that he had made at least one of the demons happy, Ricky climbed the stairs and the door shut behind him. Obviously a good gig was all in the eye of the beholder.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you enjoyed this story, buy the book! It's available in print and Kindle versions from Amazon and e-book format from Fictionwise!.