Maelstrom Extra: Monster Tour

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 reviews (Comments): 10
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"No," Ricky said. He quit reading a message on his BlackBerry and set it on the coffee table. "It's impossible."

"It's not impossible at all. I'll just conjure--"

"Not that kind of impossible." Ricky motioned for Kalila to sit beside him, but she refused. "What I mean is that using real monsters to promote your Sadistic Monsters album may seem on the surface like a good gimmick, but trust me, it's a bad idea."

Kalila blinked, not understanding. "Why do you have to be so negative? I thought there was no such thing as bad publicity."

Ricky suppressed a sigh. The person who had come up with that saying had obviously never met Kalila and her band of misfit demons. "Venues have rules, you know. Bringing in a bunch of big, hulking, smelly monsters would be in violation of any contract I could get for you."

"So I'll conjure small ones."

"Small monsters?" Ricky raised his eyebrows.

"They come in all sizes, you know."

"I'm sure they do." He gestured toward the spot beside him again, and this time she sat down. "Look, I think it's terrific that you have so many creative ideas about how to promote the band, but you hired me because I understand what appeals to humans, remember?"

"Actually, I hired you because you looked so pathetic. Being broke and unemployed really gets you humans down."

Ricky didn't like the way the conversation was drifting. "So no monsters to promote this album, okay? You guys can do a great job promoting it all by yourselves."

Kalila's eyes lit up. "You think?" She threw her arms around him and Ricky held her close. No way was he going to break it to her now that the band was monstrous enough all on its own.

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reviews (Comments): 10

drgngirl :

Love the story!! And I may just buy the book...seems right up my alley.

K :

Hey Ann.
My favorite part is the line about Ricky getting the job because he looked so pathetic. Too funny.

Gonna order this one soon.

Alice Audrey :

It's pretty obvious. You'd think even Kalila would notice.

Jay Thurston :

Good thing Ricky can quash these reckless ideas, though, on the same note, the tiny monsters released into a crowded venue may make for a very humorous 3ww too! ;-)

Maelstrom never disappoints!

Dreamer :

Real monsters as a publicity stunt? Someone may just filch that idea :D

ThomG :

This band is monstrous on it's own. I so love when you dip back into these rich characters, since you know them so well the writing really shines.

asuqi :

Heee! Great! Adorable characters and great take!

Alice Audrey :

Reading asuqi's "adorable" comment reminds me that I'm awfully spoiled where it comes to your writing. I've come to expect a high level all the time. Thanks.

Thomma Lyn :

*giggle!* This was a lot of fun. Love the idea of "little monsters." Was Kalila thinking, perhaps, of the Ballicai?

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