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Wednesday, September 8, 2010 reviews (Comments): 5
Crimey over at Crimogenic posted a review of our book today. You can read it here: Book Review

I'm a little unsure what to think, since the book is fiction and I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about the band. It's hard work managing their image and keeping them out of trouble. If too many people say nice things about them, it might go their heads.

Publicity is a good thing, though, which reminds me...I've booked the band for a charitable event in December. They're really looking forward to it, and I'll have more details soon.

reviews (Comments): 5

Vic :

I hate charity events, Ricky. Why do you keep booking us for these ridiculous things?

Nevin :

I think it's lovely that we perform at charity events. And Crimey's review was very nice. What does "quirky" mean, though? It's not something bad, is it?

Thomma Lyn :

Congratulations on the great review! It's super-well deserved. Maelstrom rocks! :)

Crimey :

Nevin, "quirky" is definitely a good thing! Now sprinkle some of that fairy dusk on me, I need some. :)

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