Maelstrom Extra: Get Your Kicks on Route...666?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 reviews (Comments): 9
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Ricky shoved the map across the table in the tour bus’s tiny kitchenette. “I’m telling you, it doesn’t exist.”

“Quit acting like this is just some crazy hunch,” Kalila said. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Consult your electronic device if you don’t believe me.”

“Fine.” He pulled the BlackBerry from its leather holster. “But we’re not stopping, even if we do find it. We have barely enough time to get to Flagstaff as it is.”

Kalila watched him press buttons on the tiny keypad. “This is important to us. Vic and Lazaro are very excited, and Bo thinks there’s sure to be at least one good strip club.”

“If this detour was that important to all of you, then you shouldn’t have taken so long getting ready this morning.”

“Demons sleep late. You know that.”

“Sometimes one has to make sacrifices.”

Kalila shrugged in unconcern and glanced out the window. “Hurry up with your research. You know how I hate being out of my travel bottle when the bus is moving.”

By now Ricky had found what he was looking for: US Route 491, formerly Route 666.”

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

Ricky scowled and put the BlackBerry away. “There’s still no reason to get off the Interstate. They renumbered the road you’re looking for. It isn’t Route 666 anymore.”

“But it’s still the Devil’s Highway,” Calvin called from the front of the bus.

Ricky hadn't realized the driver was listening to their conversation, but werewolves had sharp ears. “I don’t care what it’s called. We’re on a schedule. You forced me to be your manager, so let me manage.”

Kalila sucked in her breath and didn’t answer for a long moment. Then she got up from the table, her eyes aglow. “I’ve had quite enough from you, human,” she said in caustic tones. “This is my band, and no one bosses a djinn.” Just before she dissolved into smoke, she called to Calvin, “You’re to follow my instructions, lycanthrope. Let the human whine all he likes.”

Ricky watched her pour herself into her specially reinforced travel bottle. Then he stood up with a sigh and went to the front of the bus.

Calvin glanced at him in the rearview mirror. “Well?”

Ricky gave a resigned shrug. “You heard the lady. Take us to Route 666.”

reviews (Comments): 9

Dee Martin :

buahaha route 666 - LOVED this and I love your sense of humor.

Thomma Lyn :

Bwahahahaha! This one made me chortle. :D (and now I've got that song stuck in my head... ;) )

Alice Audrey :

Tsk. Why does he even argue? Even I couldn't resist route 666.

ThomG :

I always enjoy your contributions and this is another in a line of great posts.

Jay Thurston :

Another fun Kalila tale! The only thing missing was AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" on the bus radio! :-)

Thanks for the entertaining tale!

Anonymous :

oh, this was good, very good... a bunch of great characters... and the smoke classic!!.. like that bit abt the hwy 66-6... every now and then when i pass that way i shall remember these lovely beings and hope we pass during the day... monster moves

Tumblewords: :

What fun this was! I'm addicted to your writing...

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