Maelstrom Extra: All About the Girls

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 reviews (Comments): 6
Vic sat in the dressing room sipping from a blood bag while Bo lounged on the sofa with a girlie magazine. Nevin cradled a cup of tea and listened while Kalila picked out a new tune on her acoustic guitar. In the corner, Lazaro tapped out a rhythm on a small table.

Calvin poked his head into the room. “Girl out here to see you, Vic.”

Before Vic could answer, Bo set the magazine aside and swung his feet to the floor. “You mean for me.” He stood up and stretched.

“No, for Vic. She seems kind of obsessed.”

Bo stared. Girls usually only had heartache for him.

On the other side of the room, Vic sucked the last drops from his bag and tossed it aside. “It’s about time we had a fan with good sense. Tell the young lady I’ll be right out, Calvin.”

As he headed toward the door, Bo jumped in front of him. “No way, bloodsucker. He got it wrong. She wants me.”

“Not every mortal creature wants you, sleazy.” Vic shoved him in the chest. “Get out of the way.”

Bo shoved back. “Forget it. She’s mine. It’s for her own good.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You remember what Ricky said. You’re too reckless. You leave the girls unconscious and anemic.”

“I’ll be careful this time.” Vic picked up one of Lazaro’s wooden drum mallets and brandished it. “Now get out of the way.”

Bo flung himself at Vic and the mallet went flying. In a jumble of arms and legs, they fell against a table, knocking an assortment of accessories and small jangling items to the floor, and then they were on the floor themselves, fists flying as they punched and grappled with abandon.

While Lazaro retrieved his mallet, Nevin and Kalila exchanged a shrug and returned to what they had been doing before. It was just another demon fight, like many before.

Several minutes later, Calvin opened the door again. “You guys coming out for the next set? Ricky’s on his way. He’s pissed.”

Vic and Bo stood up and dusted themselves off. “Oh, sure,” Vic said. “But first, the girl.”

“Definitely the girl first, then music,” Bo agreed.

Calvin shook his head. “She’s gone. Got tired of waiting.”

Kalila brushed past them with Nevin in tow. “That’ll teach you,” she said in her smug djinn way.

“Stupid demons,” Lazaro agreed, following Kalila out the door.

Vic and Bo looked at each. “Try again after the show?” Vic said.

“Sure. But it’s me they want, you know.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Calvin rolled his eyes. “Just get out there, before Ricky throws a fit. By the way, I think I got the feedback problem corrected while you were on break, and I taped down that cord again – the one you guys kept tripping on.”

“Great.” Vic grinned, showing the tips of his fangs. “Now we’ll be able to concentrate on our music.”

“That’s what we’re here for,” Bo agreed as he followed him out the door. “That and the girls.”

“Oh, definitely,” Vic said. “It’s all about the girls.”

reviews (Comments): 6

Alice Audrey :

LOL! I love it, though "try again after the show" has me wondering.

Sorry I'm late getting over here. The link back in your comment yesterday kept getting me an error message. It was a funky day anyway.

ThomG :

It is all about the girls. Another great installment.

Thomma Lyn :

Heh. What fun! Laugh out loud funny, and the dialogue snaps along. :)

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) :

I can never get enough of the posts here ... waititng for the book !!!

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