Maelstrom Extra: Sentimental Notion

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 reviews (Comments): 6
Overcast afternoon, threat of rain in the air. In the doorway, the man sits picking out a tune, guitar case at his feet, along with a few crumpled bills.

Kalila tugs on Ricky’s sleeve and stops, entranced by the music and the luster of polished rosewood. “That’s a fancy guitar for a man who has no home.”

“Economy,” Ricky says.

“It must be the most precious thing he ever owned. The last thing he’ll give up.” She nods in sympathy. “Give him some money.”

“I don’t have any.”

While Kalila ponders, the man looks at her, and with a gleam in his eye, plays a tricky chord progression overlaid with a melody that tests the waters of sadness, skirting the edge of melancholy.

Kalila sighs with pleasure and leans into Ricky’s arms. When the little show is over, she reaches in his pocket and removes a wad of bills that hadn’t been there before. She drops it in the case, then pulls Ricky back onto the sidewalk and resumes walking.

“Where did you get that?” he asks.

“Same place your government does. Nowhere at all.”

“It won’t help in the long run.”

“But it’s another day he won’t have to pawn that guitar.”

The sky darkens with the approaching storm, and under the sodium glare of a streetlight, Ricky takes her hand. “For a djinn, you have some sentimental notions.”

Kalila tips her head back and breathes deeply of the electrically charged air. “Just let it be our secret, okay?”

reviews (Comments): 6

ThomG :

This is such a great piece of a larger tale. I really like your style.

(And yes, I need to consider putting something together with my short works. We'll see...)

Thomma Lyn :

Wonderful. Love Kailia's compassion for a fellow artist. :)

Anonymous :

I once accidentally kicked over a beggars hatful of coins, scattering money everywhere. He yelped in surprise and hurt, thinking I had done it on purpose. I was so embarassed, standing there looking like a jerk-faced jerk on a busy street, that I just reached into my pocket and gave him a huge handful of coins. It was close to $40 in change... mostly twonies and loonies... that I was packing around for bus fare. Then I ran away. lol But I left him with a grin fit to split his face in half.

Alice Audrey :

Yeah, but everyone on the street will assume Ricky is stingy.

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