Maelstrom Extra: Bunnies Rock! (Part 3)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 reviews (Comments): 8
“So what do you think, guys?” Ricky held up a shirt for the band’s inspection.

“Ridiculous,” Vic muttered.

“Rabbits don’t play guitars,” Lazaro agreed.

Bo shrugged. “If I see anyone tasty wearing one, I’ll just ask them to take it off, so what’s the point?”

Ricky looked at Nevin. “Well? This whole thing was your idea.”

Nevin sighed. “I think it’s a very nice shirt, but…”

“What now?” Kalila said. “Are you still upset that we’ll be donating to the Canadian bunnies?”

“No,” he said earnestly. “I just wish we could donate to all of them.”

“Too late,” Vic snarled. “Rabbit Rescue is already in the credits and on the program. That’s what you get for being reactive instead of an active participant in the process.”

“All the charities are listed on the back,” Ricky reminded him. “You’re doing good work, regardless. And since they take donations through PayPal, the currency exchange shouldn't add any extra layers of complexity to the process.” He set the shirt aside and picked up a pen and piece of paper. “Now, let’s discuss particulars. The event is Saturday, with an encore on Sunday. I’ve bought a guest book for the VIPs, we have prizes, and I’ve arranged catering. All I need now is to know what time you’d like to do the meet and greet.”

Vic gave him a baleful look. “You’re kidding, right? Please don't tell me I have to meet the bunnies.”

“I’d like to meet them,” Bo said. “You called Hef, right? Told him to include Miss January?”

Ricky squirmed. “Right…well, I'm still working on that. His secretary hasn’t gotten back to me, very busy you know, so uh…you may have to go with whatever is available.”

Bo gave a little shrug. “An incubus can always rise to the occasion.”

“I have no doubt.” Ricky looked around the room. “So since no one seems to have a preference, how about I just pick a few times for you to meet your fans and I’ll let you know.”

“As long as it’s after dark,” Vic said with a heavy sigh of resignation.

“And no rabbits,” Lazaro added.

Nevin waved a hand. “But I want to meet the bunnies. What about me?”

Ricky nodded and made a few notes. “Daytime chats, bunnies allowed, Vic and Lazaro can skip. Nighttime chats, no bunnies, but all of you will be there with good attitudes and no excuses. Agreed?”

"I always like to meet my fans," Bo said. "And if any of them want to drop by a little early, I'm available."

Kalila flipped her hair over her shoulder and reached for her guitar. "Don't worry, Ricky. Just give us the dates and times and we'll be there." She glanced at Vic and Lazaro. "We're going to play 'nice human' and be punctual and polite, right guys?"

Lazaro shrugged and looked away.


He glared from underneath his brows.

"Be a sport," Ricky told him.

"Vampires aren't sports." He shoved his hands in his pockets. "I'll be there, but I'm making no promises."

To Be Continued...

Bunny Fans! Thanks for your participation in the poll and the Bunnies Rock! video. Watch this space for more information about the benefit, which will begin roughly at 12:01 am US Central Time on Saturday, March 28.

reviews (Comments): 8

Thomma Lyn :

Whee! I'm excited! And I'm gigglesnorting at Bo's comment about Miss January... :-D

Fez and the Gang :

Yay! Thanks guys! I think that Bo and Vic would both change their tunes if they met miss Abbey... she makes everyone's heart melt!

Rabbits' Guy :

We have not heard from Hef for a long long time ... I hope he is OK.

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