Maelstrom Extra: Wanted for Murder

Sunday, February 15, 2009 reviews (Comments): 3
Ricky waited impatiently while the band filed into the room, muttering and grumbling at the early hour.

“This had better be something serious, human,” Vic snarled.

“Stupid daytime meetings,” Lazaro agreed as he slumped into a chair. He had a pair of snare sticks and was about to start tapping on the nearest table when Ricky stopped him.

“None of that, Lazaro. You’re the reason we’re here.”

“Why him?” Bo said.

Vic scowled and leaned against a wall. “If he’s annoying you, just put him back in the ground for awhile. Me, too, while you’re at it.”

“He’s not annoying me,” Ricky said. “At least no more than any of you do.” He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it. “It’s this. Someone found the body of that missing pizza delivery guy and now there’s a reward for information about who’s responsible.”

Bo flopped onto the sofa. “Well, it wasn’t me. I’ve never done anything responsible in my life. What’s the reward, by the way? Girls?”


“Blood?” Vic asked. “I’d turn Lazaro in for a few pints of O.”

Kalila had been sitting by herself, looking bored, but now she sat a little straighter. “Would we be on the news? You’re always saying to look for ways to get our names out there.”

“Turning in your drummer for murder isn’t a good way to do that,” Ricky told her. “Look, guys, this is serious. You need to quit preying on humans.”

“That’s no fun,” Bo said.

“Not happening,” Vic agreed. “We’re predators, and that’s what we do.”

“I’m not a predator,” Nevin piped up.

Lazaro turned on him. “Stupid nelly fairy.”

“I’m not—”

“Enough!” Ricky looked at each of them in turn. “This kind of thing can’t happen again. Getting charged with murder will ruin your career.” Getting only silent stares in reply, he added, “No more killing.”

Lazaro shook his head slowly. “Zombies gotta eat. How about I hide the bodies better?”

Ricky wanted to tell him this was unacceptable, but seeing that the others were nodding in agreement, he asked, “Is that really the best you can do?”

“I guess I could ask for volunteers.”

“How about we find him some of those people who donate their brains to science?” Kalila suggested.

“Or we could pair up with the suicide hotline,” Vic said.

With a sigh, Ricky crumpled the news story and threw it away. He was dealing with demons, after all, so what did he expect? “Just try not to get caught, guys. Please?”

reviews (Comments): 3

Thomma Lyn :

hehe! Never a dull moment for Ricky! :-D Lots of laugh out loud lines.

Alice Audrey :

I'm done? No, wait. I bet I can get at it a different way.

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