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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 reviews (Comments)
It appears we have a winner for this ridiculous Win a Date with Bo contest. I have a feeling nothing good will come of this and I’ve retained a lawyer, just in case.

Things are a little crazy around here right now. Someone vandalized one of Nevin’s paintings and he suspects Vic, who denies it. I’m with Nevin, but it’s easier to buy him some new art supplies than to argue with a guy who has fangs and who stores blood bags in the studio fridge.

Since Nevin is in a funk, I haven’t asked him again about the scrapbook, so no progress there. And now I’m hearing that there’s a “first chapter” about us that’s going to get posted on this website in a couple of weeks. I have no idea what kind of lie it’s going to be this time, so I’ve told our webmaster that he’s not to allow anyone but me to post site content for awhile. That should put a stop to things.

And finally, Lazaro just handed me another one of his haiku travesties, saying I needed to put it on the website, or else.

Zombie Haiku: Lunch Delivery
Pizza for Ricky.
Delivery boy's brain for me.
Why so mad?

Yeah, Lazaro. Good thing I’ve got the lawyer on retainer. In fact, maybe I should call her right now.

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