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Monday, January 5, 2009 reviews (Comments)
Okay, let's clear something up here. People have been reading this silly Variax Variations story, and then asking me why I was so "mean" to Ricky. I wasn't mean to him at all! Yes, he put my new Variax on his credit card, but that was his choice and you can't blame his human behavior on me.

Furthermore, as soon as he got back to his computer, he logged into the band's bank account, transferred the cost of the Variax out of my guitar budget and sent it directly to his bank. He never paid even a single day of interest on my new toy. Not that he couldn't have afforded it. I pay him very well, with regular bonuses and gifts. Who do you think bought him the Lexus?

I want my fans to be assured that I treat my human very well, so let's have no more of these ridiculous accusations that I'm mean to him. Any problems and hangups he has are of his own making, and the accuracy any of stories you find posted here (who's doing that, anyway?) should not be trusted.

If you want to read something good about the band, keep coming back to this site. Ricky has gotten permission to post Jeff Truitt's review of one of our shows, and as soon as he gets some formatting issues figured out, you'll get to read it for yourselves.

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