Contest: Win a Date with Bo!

Sunday, January 25, 2009 reviews (Comments): 10
Have you ever wanted to spend some time with an incubus? Now is your chance! Bass player Bo Valentino has agreed to take some lucky winner on the Valentine's Day date of their choice.

Rules of the contest are as follows:

1. Eligibility. Must be an adult human. Any gender, race, religion, fetish, etc, is acceptable. Couples and groups are okay too, as long as all participating members are adults.

2. How to enter. Leave a comment to this post or send email to Maelstrom's author. One entry per person, couple, or group. Contest will close to new entries at 10 pm US Central time, February 7, 2009 .

3. Selection of the winner. Winning entry will be selected at random after 10 pm on Saturday, February 7, 2009 and the winner will be notified immediately. Announcement of the winner on this site will take place no later than 10 am on Sunday, February 8, 2009.

4. Responsibility of the winner. Winner must agree to guest-blog about their date by sending Maelstrom's author a story of no more than 1,000 words to be posted on February 14, 2009. If the winner does not want to write their own "Date with Bo" story, they must collaborate with Maelstrom's author, who will write the story herself.

Please note that because this is an "all-ages" site, stories cannot be graphic in nature. Anything else is acceptable, though. Was it romantic? Sexy? Did he run off with your friend or spouse instead? Did he show up at all, or did he get the wrong house and spend the evening romping with your neighbor? You decide. The funnier, the better! If you need inspiration, check out Bo's stories under Maelstrom Extras or contact the author for ideas.

5. Responsibility of Maelstrom's management. Broken hearts, arrests, and other mayhem resulting from a date with Bo Valentino are not the responsibility of Maelstrom or its Management. Winner assumes all responsibility for the outcome of dating an incubus.

6. Note about additional prizes. Winner will be asked for their address so an additional prize can be mailed. Winner will advise Management if they have any food allergies, especially with regard to chocolate. If the winner is in the United States or Canada, the prize will probably arrive in time for Valentine's Day, but Management makes no promises about the efficiency of the US postal system.

Ready to play? Leave a comment! If you're shy, send an email to Maelstrom's author instead.

Good luck!

reviews (Comments): 10

Thomma Lyn :

Oh wow, what a fun contest! I'm *chortling* just reading the rules. Sign me up. :-D

d. moll, :

OK sign me up......after all what is the worst that can happen, no don't answer that.....

Glenna :

Hmmm--many disastrous dates to cull from. I'm in!

Rabbits' Guy :

Uhhhh ... I think I'm going to sit in the stands and watch this!!!!

Author :

Are you sure, RG? If you were to win, you could give the chocolate to your wife and write a mistaken identity story or something.

the Bag Lady :

Sounds like a hoot! I'm in.....

Ummm...what does an incubus do on a date, anyway?

Author :

BL, an incubus just wants to have sex and make their partner happy. But Bo is rather indiscriminate, so if you decide you're not that into him, he'll happily enjoy whoever else happens to be around. You might want to lock up the cows as a precaution.

Rabbits' Guy :

Nope .. I'm watching. Besides, once Bo finds out I'm really a homeless 87 year old toothless one-armed lady blogging from the library in Des Moines, Iowa, he/she/it will be pretty upset.

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