Maelstrom: The Band

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Kalila Yusra

Species: Djinn (genie)
Instrument: Lead Guitar

Likes: Guitars, sexy outfits, bossing humans around.
Dislikes: Sentimentality, being treated as a sex object, ex-boyfriends
Special Talents: Shape-shifting, healing, conjuring

Kalila is neither sweet nor patient, and she hates any comparison to Barbara Eden. Although she's well over two thousand years old, she's relatively new to Western ways, having arrived in Europe by mistake when a seventeenth century trader took her lamp home with him on his ship. Since then, she's been making the best of things, dating European gods and looking for interesting ways to occupy herself. She’s smart, dedicated, ambitious, and given to extremes of callousness followed by sudden generosity. Kalila is the brains of Maelstrom, smug in her talent and immortality.

Nevin Prantz

Species: Fairy
Instrument: Keyboards
Special Talents: Shape-shifting, sleeping potions, happy potions, conjuring

Likes: Butteflies, birds, flowers, waterfalls, music.
Dislikes: Fighting, disapproval, dark and gloomy places

Nevin is a classically trained pianist who met Kalila when she, new to Europe, decided to take music lessons from his tutor, Maria Anna Mozart. Nevin is a vegetarian and is into social causes, even when he’s a little confused by them, and has a sweet and helpful nature. He’s always on hand with a potion to cheer someone up or help them sleep. He’s the band’s conscience and as such is usually ignored. Luckily he’s quick to get over his hurt feelings, forgive his demon band-mates and try again.

Vic Drake

Species: Vampire
Instrument: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Special Talents: Seduction

Likes: Type O, human females, attention
Dislikes: Type AB Negative, daylight, being ignored

Although Maelstrom is Kalila’s band, Vic is the front man and moody growled vocals are his specialty. Like most of his kind, he’s not interested in norms of human behavior and any acts of kindness are sure to have an ulterior motive. He’s the only one in the band who understands sarcasm and is the only real cynic. He’s often in competition with Bo for girls, but partners with Lazaro for raids on morgues, medical schools, and other places where a “meal” can be picked up quick.

Bo Valentino

Species: Incubus
Instrument: Bass Guitar

Likes: Sex
Dislikes: Anything that prevents him from getting laid
Special Talents: Seduction, manifesting in bedrooms

Bo has a blond, sexy appeal that works on just about any sentient creature. His preference is human females, but he’ll try anything if he’s hungry enough. He’s laid-back and charming when he gets his way, sullen and conniving when he doesn’t. A sleaze with a surfer boy’s good looks, he’s happy to party his way through eternity, and playing in a rock band is just another way to meet girls and have a good time.

Lazaro Thantos

Species: Zombie
Instrument: Drums

Likes: Drums, brains, makeup artists
Dislikes: Brains of stupid people, anything that keeps him away from his drums
Special Talents: Hiding the bodies

Lazaro is a simple creature, obsessed with drums and food. He admires intelligence in his food and likes to raid colleges for his meals. For the most part, though, he just wants to be left to play his drums in peace.

reviews (Comments): 3

Anonymous :

haha funny. interspecies band.

Alice Audrey :

Just out of curiosity, how often does Lazaro have to eat?

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